Four Best Massages for Athletes

Massage therapy can help athletic performance and recovery. Athletes may go through muscle fatigue or experience anxiety while training for a big event, but massage therapy can help manage these conditions, while also increasing flexibility, endurance, and minimizing the risk of injury.

Here are four types of massage that may benefit athletes the most:

1.Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a therapeutic treatment effective in relieving severe tension in the deeper muscle structures and the connective tissue. This therapy is recommended for athletes because they experience stiff muscles and potentially consistent pain as a result of heavy physical activity and training. This type of massage technique is more intense than other methods but will apply deeper pressure on the affected areas. Many athletes find that this type of massage helps them to recover more quickly.

2.Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular massage methods and is comfortable for most people. Swedish massage technique involves rhythmic stroking of one’s abdomen, lifting and pressing the skin in a gentle way to relieve tension. This massage is very effective on muscle knots and if there is pressure or pain in a certain spot or area. The therapist may also rhythmically tap the body with varying finger movements.

3.Active Release Technique ( ART)

This massage technique is used for various conditions that lead to overworked muscles, which may cause pain and impeded movement. The ART relies on a technique called “pin and stretch”, which involves applying pressure to muscles as they are elongated. The therapist will use their hands to assess muscle tightness and movement. This type of massage may be particularly beneficial to runners since regular sessions can increase the flexibility of your hamstrings. It can also prevent the buildup of scar tissue as well as treat sciatica.

4.Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage, or tender point massage, is a technique which uses the fingertips to conduct a concentrated kneading process. The pressure points are triggered and massaged in the right way in order to reduce the sensitivity and vulnerability of the muscle tissues during athletic activities. It can also treat muscle spasms which may lead to continual throbbing pain.

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