Self-Care tips Before and After Your Massage

Massage is all about relaxation. A good massage should make you feel brand-new every single time! That doesn’t mean you can make yourself as tense as you like and get a massage to fix it. You need to take good care of yourself before, during, and after the massage to really feel the benefits. Here are 4 self-care tips before and after your massage.

Schedule Your Massage at the End of the Day

Think of your body as a music box: when you’re stressing over your daily life, that’s your body winding up. When you stop winding a music box, you enjoy the music, you don’t wind it up again right away. A good massage will start unwinding your body, but the unwinding process can last for hours after your massage. You should let it keep going so that you can enjoy the benefits of your massage. Otherwise, you’re winding the music box up again before the music even finishes.

That’s what working after a massage is like. You let the music play for a second, and then you wind it up again. Instead of having a massage during your lunch break, try squeezing one in at the end of the day. That way, you can relax and unwind in peace.

Stay Hydrated

Having enough water in your system is vital for self-care and it makes your massage experience so much better! Water helps the toxins in your body flow out of your body and will prevent soreness after your massage. We recommend avoiding any coffee or alcohol for at least three hours after your massage because these drinks tend to cause dehydration. We also recommend drinking plenty of water beforehand so you’re most prepared.

Maximize your “Me” Time

The best self-care before and after a massage is doing whatever you need to do to relax. This means spending time away from anything or anyone that can cause you stress and giving yourself much-needed time to take care of yourself. We suggest lighting some scented candles, preparing a bubble bath, and turning on some smooth Jazz.

Use Essential Oils to get in the Mood

You want to be in the right mood for your massage. And that might mean taking a moment before your massage to rest a bit too. Stress can cause our minds to clutter and be distracted. We recommend using calming essential oils to get some of that stress out of your system.

With these self-care tips, you’ll be feeling more relaxed and energized than ever. Give yourself the care you deserve by scheduling a massage today!

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