Three Reasons Why You Should Add BEMER to Your Workout Routine

To know about BEMER, you must first know about the body. Blood is pumped by our heart through veins, arteries, and micro-vessels. Like a tree, the micro-vessels are the smallest branches, the ones the last step before producing new life (as in the leaves of a tree). While micro-vessels don’t grow leaves, they do feed the majority of cells in our body. They are the smallest and final stop before feeding our cells. Thousands of micro-vessels keep us alive, but the heart may struggle to pump it all.

Cardiovascular health varies among all people for different reasons. Some may find their heart’s strength decreasing because of old age, a bad diet, or lack of exercise. While staying fit is the best way to keep your heart healthy, you can help it grow even stronger.

That’s where BEMER comes in. BEMER uses electromagnetic fields to encourage a healthy blood flow in your micro-vessels. Healthy blood flow means that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs and the effects of an aging heart are mitigated. Combined with a healthy workout plan, BEMER has the potential to greatly increase your health and reduce the effects of aging. Let’s break it down with three reasons you should add BEMER to your workout plan.

It Strengthens your Immune System

One of the benefits of healthy micro-circulation is improvement to your body’s natural healing process. As we grow older, we are more prone to injuries. And with our bodies slowing down, the tendency is for them to heal slower with age. BEMER counteracts that. What’s slowing your entire healing process is the availability of white blood cells due to poor circulation in your micro-vessels. Improve circulation, and your body will be more prepared to handle any small injuries. (This goes for anything that naturally heals on its own, please see a doctor or call 911 if you have a serious injury).

Healthy Microcirculation is key to Physical Performance

Not only does your health increase, but so does your physical performance. With improved Microcirculation from 15 minutes of BEMER therapy a day, you will be able to use the body in all ways it is meant to. Moving, walking, running, lifting. You can keep these abilities strong through regular BEMER therapy.

It Minimizes the Effect of Aging

Aging happens no matter what, but you don’t have to surrender to its side effects. You can slow the deterioration of your body down through improved micro circulation. Any effect of aging, whether it be fatigue, mobility, strength, mental function, they are all impacted by our blood circulation. When the blood is slowed down in your micro-vessels, all effects of aging are heightened. That’s why adding BEMER to a healthy workout is the best way to stay young and healthy.

Your body is the most important thing in the world. You want to take care of it as best you can. While BEMER and regular workouts will help your muscle system stay healthy, bring yourself one step closer to perfect balance with a regular massage. That way your body is in top shape and relaxed enough to keep any stress from harming you.

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