Essential Oils to Relieve your Back to School Stress!

The school year is about to start and the entire household’s a mess. With so much to prepare for, equipment to buy, schedules to work out, activities, clubs, sports, fees, books, it can get overwhelming on the parents. While we specialize in massage, we know a thing or two about essential oils and know which ones will be helpful in relieving stress in the home.

This blog is geared towards parents, for now we strongly recommend you do not use essential oils on your children unless you know and understand all the risks and requirements. Be on the lookout for a blog post in the future about how to use essential oils safely on your kids. We will say right now that you should treat your EO like medicine, meaning it’s stored out of children’s reach and children should avoid ingesting it at all costs. If your child ingests any essential oil, call a doctor. And if you see signs of poisoning, call 911. Bring the essential oil bottle to the emergency room.

That said, essential oils can be valuable for the home and as long as they are stored properly, you should be fine.

Essential oils come in all sorts of varieties each with their unique medicinal properties. You can use all of these essential oils in a diffuser and you can also add some of them to your bath! Here are our recommendations on essential oils for back to school stress!

  • Lavender – Lavender’s one of the most popular essential oils out there. It is proven to be one of the most effective scents in reducing anxiety. Lavender has been used in medicine for centuries across cultures all over the world and has been lauded for its healing powers.
  • Jasmine – Jasmine is a lot like Lavender. If you’re worried about getting too accustomed to one, switching off between jasmine and lavender can be effective for sustaining anxiety relief.
  • Basil – While the other two are good for anxiety, this one is great for stress. Perfect for ending a full day of errands.
  • Frankincense – This one promotes positive, good-will thoughts. Perfect for parents worried about being separated from their children for the day who need something to remind them that everything okay.
  • Sandalwood – Like frankincense, sandalwood promotes positively and optimism, and can help you open to new possibilities.

Other essential oils that would work well would be rose, chamomile, lemon, orange, and lemongrass.

The trick is to look for essential oils that can treat anxiety, fatigue, and stress. Use them with a diffuser, and you should have an easier time getting through the day and preparing your children for the school year!

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