Orthopedic massage is massage that is focused on assessing the issues, balancing the muscle groups to increase range of motion, keep proper body alignment, and reduce pain. Injuries, trauma, and repetitive movements create imbalances in muscles. As an example, chest muscles become short and tight from the arms being in flexion to drive or work on computer for long period of times. That causes the weaker muscles of the upper back to become overstretched and sore. Orthopedic massage is not always about working the “soreness” out but more importantly, working on what is causing the pain. When the short tight muscles are released to their normal resting length the over stretched muscles relax back to their normal length.

The Massage Therapist that specializes in this Modality is Joanne Brunetto

30 minutes – $60.00

60 minutes – $100.00

90 minutes – $140.00

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