Couples MassageDesigned to meet a couple’s massage needs at the same time. Couples can be in the same room to share the connection or have their own rooms. We recommend Swedish Massage for Couples. All of our Massage Therapists are available to provide Couples Massage so please review our therapists to see which ones you would like to receive service from.

This is a great gift idea for Valentines, Anniversaries, or for fun dates. Look into getting a couples massage as a bonding experience. This is not just for romantic couples, it is also a great Best Friends or Mother / Daughter dates as well. Enjoy a self care day with someone you love. Want to do a little research on Couples Massages, read our article “Five Ways to Take Advantage of Your Couples Massage”

It is currently not  possible to book a couples massage online. Please call to schedule your couples massage  703.686.4092

  • 60 minutes – $190.00
  • 90 minutes – $260.00