Our therapists will always put your Health and Wellness goals as our Priority

The Staff at Medical Massage Specialties are all Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). We are all trained in spa related services such as Couples, Prenatal, Swedish and Hot-stone massage. What makes us a cut above the rest is the advanced training we have completed in a variety of medical modalities. Our focus is helping you get back to a balanced and pain free life. Below are our practitioners and their specialties. Click on their name to read more detail on who they are and how they can be of service to you.

Meet our Licensed Massage Therapists

Joanne Brunetto, is Board Certified and licensed in Virginia and Pennsylvania.  She is passionate about Medical Reflexology and has completed 100 hours and 19 case studies to graduate from the International Academy of Medical Reflexology. She has also studied Orthopedic/Myoskeletal alignment under Erik Dalton and Advanced orthopedic/Integrated massage under James Waslaski. The spa massages she enjoys are Swedish massage, Couples Massage, Hot-Stone massage.

Tara McMillian, attended The Massage Therapy program at Northern Virginia Community College. She holds a personal trainer certification. Tara works with the special needs population, clients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and neurological disorders. Craniosacral and Myofascial release are just two modalities that she uses in her sessions. Tara is familiar with unwinding meridians with craniosacral, as well as Touching the Brain techniques. Tara enjoys working with Himalayan hot stones for massage treatments, as well as Gua Sha tools for fascial restriction. Tara is also trained in Spinal Reflex Therapy. Another modality that she is familiar with is Primitive Reflexes. She is a core-in training with MNRI. Reflex work is the foundation for recovery in optimal brain function.

Michele DeArment, Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Reiki and Neuro-Muscular/Trigger Point Therapy. Michele enjoys Educating her clients on the beneficial aspects of various massage modalities. Michele is also a Reiki master and teaches Reiki classes upon request.