Should You Still Get a Massage If You Have a Broken Arm / Leg?

Massage therapy is very helpful for every day aches and pains, stress, back pain, and more. You may not know that massages are also extremely helpful for addressing injuries. Athletes often get massages before and after games to aid in repairing any damage done. The benefits of massage even extend to helping your body heal and repair after fracturing or breaking an arm or leg!

Whenever you have an injury, consult with your doctor about any treatments, physical therapy, or massages. Based on the type of fracture you have, you can start massage right away. Even if you’re wearing a cast, MMS can massage around the immobilized area.

Massaging the surrounding areas outside of the cast, will reduce stiffness and edema caused by the injury. As a result of reducing stiffness and swilling, you will increase range of motion in the surrounding joints.

Another great benefit of massage is to improve healing and rejuvenation. Relaxing the muscles surrounding the injured area will reduce pain and increase circulation of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Giving more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles will speed up healing and increase mobility.

Always remember to consult your doctor about how best to treat your broken arm or leg. If you’ve been given clearance to do physical movement and massage, the benefits are undeniable. A Medical Massage Specialists’ massage will take care of you by reducing pain and swelling, and increasing mobility and healing.

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