Digestive Disorders and the Role Massage Can Play for Relief

Digestive disorders are very common, affecting many Americans daily, some chronically and some intermittently. Occasional gastrointestinal discomfort is an annoyance, but chronic digestive issues can seriously impact a person’s quality of life and happiness. Some digestive disorders that can throw you off balance include constipation, gas, and abdominal strains. Massage is a great therapy for many ailments of the body, including your digestive system!


Constipation is incredibly uncomfortable and may be caused by a poor diet, lack of exercise, a side effect of medication, or an aging body. Try adding more fruits and vegetables and extra fluid intake to your diet for relief. If there is no clear cause for your constipation, a visit to your doctor is in order, but massage therapy can help provide you with relief while waiting for your appointment. Self-massage of the abdomen involving light pressure and circular movements can help stimulate blood flow and improve the situation. Regular therapy from a massage therapist can help improve circulation and digestion, warding off bouts of constipation!


Gas and stomach bloating are common, due to an excess of trapped gas inside of the digestive system. Massage therapy, either done yourself or by a professional can help alleviate excess gas in the digestive tract and help with bloating. Lying on your stomach while having your back and neck massaged can help, since there is extra pressure on your abdomen, but targeted massage of your abdomen can work wonders with bloating!

Abdominal Strain

Pain in the abdominal region from a muscle strain or tear can lead to digestive issues. Pain in this region makes it difficult for your digestive tract to function properly, since you may be tense or scared to “go” from the pain you feel. Recovering from a muscle strain typically involves reduced physical activity, which can also affect how well your digestive system is functioning. Visiting your health care provider can help you determine what is causing your pain but massage therapy can be a wonderful treatment if approved by your provider.


How Massage Therapy Helps

Massage therapy feels good, releasing pain-relieving and mood-lifting endorphins throughout your body. Massage stimulates blood flow, improving circulation to a sluggish digestive tract. Massage therapy is also shown to reduce stress, a factor in digestive issues, as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression which can all lead to digestive troubles as well. Targeted abdominal massage can help stimulate the muscles involved in peristalsis, a highly coordinated contraction and relaxation of muscles that creates the wavelike movements that push the contents of the intestines forward.

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