Four Reasons Why You Need a Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone is a style of massage which combines the techniques of Swedish massage with the powers of hot volcanic rocks to ease muscle tension and improve circulation. The rocks are placed in specific pressure points around the body, usually in the back and shoulders, but it can be on your neck and head as well. They are heated using warm water and the volcanic rocks are chosen for their ability to keep heat. When applied to the right point, the heat loosens the muscles, allowing the massage therapist to do a lot more without applying too much pressure.

Muscle Relaxation

Muscles tighten up and stay that way whenever you’re stressed. This tightening hinders blood flow to the area, decreasing your overall health.

In classic Swedish Massage, friction is used to create heat enough to loosen the muscles. In Hot Stone, we do one better. By using a steady, sustained heat, we’re not only able to create more heat to loosen your muscles quicker, but we’re able to sustain those effects throughout the whole massage.

The result is greatly increased circulation. Much more than you can get with a Swedish massage.

Stress Relief

Stress is one of the leading causes of a surprising number of diseases. Your body needs to rest to work at its best. Stressors are everywhere and reducing stress should be a priority for everyone.

Studies have shown that Hot Stone greatly reduces stress on both your body and your mental health.

Ease the Pain

Hot Stone massage is not a cure for cancer, nor does it replace medical care. What it can do is help ease chronic pain caused by muscle related injuries and conditions. If you’re facing chronic pain, always visit a doctor first. But if you need some help with the symptoms, a hot stone massage can be an incredible relief and a valuable part of your medical treatment.

Sleep Aid

Did you know that Hot Stone can also help with insomnia? With lots of stress, tension, and limited circulation, your sleep cycle can get pretty messed up. Hot Stone has the unique ability to loosen the tightest muscles and warm your body up so that blood circulation is in top shape. This all helps your body reset to a normal cycle. Studies have shown that a Hot Stone massage is just as helpful as taking sleep pills.

The benefits of Hot Stone massage are huge. Unparalleled comfort, stress relief, pain relief, and a sleep aid? What more could you need?

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