Reduce Stress with Just 1 Word

Reducing stress is imperative to living a healthy life! Our society places an unhealthy emphasis on busyness! You may feel like a successful career means you must be struggling to stay on top of it all or checking work email late into the night. Family life may mean many social engagements or overcommitted parents and children, always rushing to sports and after school activities. This busy lifestyle is exhausting, stressful, and ultimately not worthwhile if you feel drained instead of fulfilled.

One word can help you reduce this unnecessary stress and that word is No!

It is hard to say no, that is how we wind up with too many activities and to do’s on our plate. We feel like bad parents if we don’t volunteer at school or enroll our children in many activities, feel guilty if we say no to social events with friends, and downright uncomfortable saying no to a boss who wants you to work over the weekend for the millionth time. But the word no is a powerful word and a great tool for reducing stress in your life!

With requests or invitations for things you really do not want to do or will not add value to your life, just say no! Only one word is required, no..or no thank you! Giving excuses or rationale for your answer draws it out and can make things more awkward. You have a right to say no!

Other ways to say no are, “I’m sorry, I can’t make it” or “We won’t be able to come that day”. Delete emails with requests beyond what you can handle. Pick one or two school functions to volunteer at throughout the year and say no to the rest. Have you kids choose one or two activities to be a part of and stick to that limit.

You may feel like you are disappointing people but being true to yourself is much more important. If you made the right decision for you, you will be reducing stress in your life and being true to yourself.

Recovering from Stress

If you have started saying no to the extra unnecessary things in your life, you may find yourself with some much needed, restorative downtime! Don’t be tempted to fill this time! Reading a book, taking a walk, exercise, and quality family time are meant for this space! Deep breathing, yoga, and massage therapy can build you up and prepare you for the stressful events you can’t say no to. Massage therapy is clinically proven to reduce stress by lowering levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the blood and can help you restore your body and mind! If you are feeling stressed, you may be holding your neck and back in a tight, unnatural way, almost as if by maintaining this rigid posture you will prevent the world from crashing in on you. Get a massage to relax these muscles and release this built up, unhealthy tension.

Schedule a session today for some amazing stress relief!

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