Melissa H

Sherry W on Dec 20, 2020 said:

“Brian is super. Also makes you feel safe. Massages are great. Would always recommend. ”

Azzah E on Sept 15, 2020 said:

“I love the service and the staff, I had my service with Michelle i would definitely recommend it absolutely great.”

Pamela W on Aug 19 2020 said:

I just had a 2 hour massage with Joanne and it was amazing! very nice place!

William O. on June 24 2020 said

“I was very happy with Brian. He did an excellent job! I will be scheduling another massage very soon. Thank you!”

Karen V. on May 15 2020 said:

“So happy you all are open again. My regular massages aren’t a luxury – they’re a necessity for my physical and mental health so that I can keep doing what I’m doing every day!! The staff have thoughtfully reopened and taking the same infection control precautions we take at the hospital during general patient contact. Thank you Meshee!! See you soon. :)”

Ellie B. on May 14 2020 said about Michele’s Massage:

“Awesome experience. Feel so much better and am able to stand up with much better posture more easily. Slept fabulously afterwards!”

Heather B. on Febuary 1st 2020 said:

“Joanne was awesome! Really helped w/my stress, and the back pain issue I’ve been having for a year (constant pain) is still not hurting 6 hours later! Yay!!! Awesome!”

Meredith P. On January 17th 2020 said:

“absolutely over the moon. Joanne was phenomenal. Hip, psoas, back work is second to none. I feel amazing. ”

Donna W. on April 4th 2018 said:

“The attention paid to areas of concern is great.  I appreciate Brian’s knowledge and care and look forward to continuing on my healing journey.”

Donna W. on 4/11/2018 said

“My shoulder seems to be responding!  Couples massage is good, we can go either way on 1 or 2 rooms”

Michael M. on 1/11/2018 said:

“My massage was wonderful, as always ” ?


Heather R. on 2/24/2018 said:

“I love this place!”


Krystina M. on 3/8/2018 said:

“I love Erin. She is my favorite therapist. I love the spa decorations of the office.”

Kristy B. on 3/29/17 said:
Erin was great! I’m looking forward to my schedule allowing me to book my next session with her.
Linda D. on February 19, 2016 said:
We love the calm feeling of the space and felt in the hands of professionals. Thank you.
Jennifer B. on February 1, 2016 said:
This was one of the best massages I have ever had! Thank you!
Mary Anna on January 12, 2016 said:
What a wonderful Christmas present my husband gave me! I went in with pain and stress but left a lot of both behind. Brian definitely knows what he’s doing. First time in weeks my arm is pain free; my back feels better too. Really considering making this a monthly “date”! Thank you Brian.

Brian takes care down to the smallest detail, even his table and face cradle are therapeutic and designed to promote relaxation and comfort from the moment you begin. It is like drifting on a warm cloud and promotes total relaxation for maximum results—better than any spa I have been to!

Been having massages from Brian for few months and must say it has really helped get rid of the pain in my neck, not a person, actual pain. Work at my computer a lot during the day, the deep tissue massage is the greatest.

Had a treatment with Brian just recently and I couldn’t book another one fast enough. He’s got the strongest hands I’ve come across, competent without too much pain. What impressed me even more was his running commentary on what he was doing and his thorough knowledge on the various body parts that weren’t quite right. He also suggested what might be causing the problem, but that reflected on the bad things I was doing, so I didn’t listen as closely to that part of the treatment. So if anyone reading this testimonial is booking a treatment, don’t take my time slot.


  • I have been making weekly appointments with Brian for just over a year now. He has done so much to relieve my lower back pain and I always leave feeling much better. Brian is incredibly knowledgeable, eager to learn more, and willing to help in any way possible. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t book a massage with him.


  • Brian Cooper has changed my life!! When I first became a patient of his I was taking about 40 pills a day as well as wearing a fentanyl patch all for pain in my lower back. I had a pretty significant Injury that required me to have a spinal fusion. I was told by 2 surgeons that my range of motion would never be the same and that I would take some form of pain medication for the rest of my life. With much thanks to Brian, I am now very close to being drug free and I have every bit of motion that I was told I would never have. I can’t recommend Brian enough, he has truly changed my life!! He listens to my needs, but also makes excellent recommendations and uses a patient therapy team approach so that you can get the best care possible. I wouldn’t be in the shape I am in if it were not for Brian. Go see him and you will not be disappointed. In my book, he is the best thing since slices bread ;)

  • I just had my first appointment with Brian and was so impressed I am writing this review. I’ve had many massages before and felt Brian’s to be one of the best. I appreciated the way he took the time to converse with me before hand so he knew my history and areas of back pain. He concentrated on these areas in my back and I now feel so relieved. Everything was perfect! Thank you! You will definately be seeing me again! -Alex

  • Brian
    I am not clowning around when I say you really loosened me up with your great deep tissue massage! Thanks I really want to come once a month from now on. I am 70 years but you help me feel like 50!!!! Smiles, Carol “Bingo the Clown” Collins