Can’t Get To a Therapist? Try This Self-Massage Techniques

Daily aches and pains can come on suddenly. The best way to relieve your muscle tension and aches is to get a full massage from your massage therapist at MMS! Sometimes, you just can’t get in for an appointment. Vacations, busy schedules, and work can get in the way. If you can’t make it for a massage right away, try these simple self-massage techniques.

Self-massage includes techniques that you can perform on yourself to reduce pain and muscle tension. You can use your hands, a tennis ball, or a foam roller.

Head – Start at your temples. Make slow circular motions, moving your hands to meet in the middle of your forehead. You can also use this circular motion massage along your hair line going back to the base of your skull.

Neck – Apply firm pressure with your fingers at the base of your neck where it meets your shoulders. Release when tension has eased. Next, roll your shoulders back and forth slowly. Repeat this until your muscles relax.

Shoulders – Use either your right or left hand (depending on your ability to stretch) to bring your fingers to your right shoulder. Squeeze your shoulder muscle, then release, slowly moving from the outside of your shoulder in. Repeat with the left side.

Back – It would cause too much strain to your body to try to massage your own back with your hands. Here’s where a foam roller or a tennis ball comes in handy. Position the tennis ball or foam roller in between you and the wall. Move your body to get the ball in the right place to massage out the tension. Use stronger pressure on particularly tender spots to relieve more tension. If you do not have a tennis ball or a foam roller, lay on the floor on your back. Bring your knees up to your chest and hold them with your arms. Rock your body from side to side, using your weight and the floor to massage out problem areas.

Feet – Use a tennis ball placed on the floor. Place the arch of your foot on the tennis ball. Roll your foot around on the ball. Focus on areas that are tender by applying a bit more pressure. Repeat with the other foot.

The best part about all these techniques is that they are portable, all you need are your hands and a small massage tool. You can bring these techniques with you wherever you might be traveling, or if you’re stuck at work. These techniques work well to relieve immediate stress and strain but remember it’s best to see our professional massage therapists at MMS. We can accurately assess your individual needs and relieve your pain in the healthiest way.

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