Using Massage and Essential Oils to Detox your Body and Mind

Beautiful Young Couple Enjoying Massage In Spa Centre

The cycle of work, life, children, friends, family, can run any person down. Feeling stressed is only part of the issue, however. Stress triggers cortisol which can build up in the body, causing a host of health issues. Diet and exercise can help relieve your body, however, using massage and essential oils are just as effective ways to detox your body and your mind.

Toxins are everywhere; in the food we eat, the people we’re around and even in the air we breathe. These toxins enter our body and our body fights to remove them. Yes, our livers are built to filter toxins out, but eventually, even our own bodies can’t handle the volume. Headaches, weight gain, muscle tension, illness-they are all side effects of these toxins. The worst part?

They feed off each other, making them even harder to get rid of.

Receiving at least one massage a month will keep your body maintained at a high level, keeping cortisol levels low.

As mentioned, toxins manifest in multiple ways and can be relieved in just as many ways as well. Think deeply about what’s in your body, what’s weighing you down, causing you stress, anxiety, fatigue, and all the negativity you face daily. It takes a village to make your body and mind as healthy as it can be. Meditation will help your mind, which will, in turn, help your body. A massage routine will also assist in the process.

A massage routine will gather all those stressful toxins in your body, guiding them out with various types of modalities, allowing you to feel refreshed, energized, and renewed. Receiving at least one massage a month will keep your body maintained at a high level, keeping cortisol levels low.

Massage works hand in hand with your meditation regimen or exercise regimen. Improving your mental health as you improve physically will naturally detox your body and brain! An addition to massage are essential oils-what you smell truly shapes how you feel.

What Essential Oils are Best for Me?

Essential oils like lavender, citrus, lemongrass have been used for centuries. The smell of lavender is perfect for calming the mind and making you feel less stressed or anxious. Or, try lemon for invigorating those white blood cells and strengthening your immune system! Ginger helps by improving digestion which tends to take a beating when you’re stressed! Look for a future blog on various essential oils and how they can improve your mental health.

We want to hear from you, what essential oils do you use? What other routines do you have to detox?

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